Monday, 9 April 2012

CNA Salary in Houston

If you are the kind of person who is genuinely interested in helping people and caring about their needs, you will find it extremely rewarding to work as a certified nursing assistant. You will have the opportunity to interact with doctors and nurses every day.

The career not only offers emotional satisfaction to the people, but also comes with attractive salary and financial benefits. Being a CNA is considered as the easiest entry point into the field of health care by the medical community.

Moreover, the medical industry is recession-proof. No matter how difficult the economy may get and where you are, you may always find employment. Also, it is possible to move from one state to another if you register at the state nursing board of the state that you want to move into.
There are many factors influencing the CNA salary. These factors include:

The amount of education and training

1) Over time or shift that one may be assigned to

2) Experience

3) Type of employer

4) Location that you are based at

The salaries of CNAs who work in hospitals and other nursing homes are actually more than those who work in private homes. The CNAs working in metropolitan cities earn a higher CNA salary than those working in rural areas.
The average salary for CNA jobs in Houston is $25000. These average salaries of CNAs can vary greatly depending on the company location, industry, experience and benefits.

Generally, you need to have a secondary school diploma or a GED to start off with your CNA training. Mandatory short courses as described by the state have to be completed before you take the certification examination. A trainee has to complete at least 75 hours of training and pass the competency evaluation examination before applying for certification.You can read my previous post to know to know about how to boost the CNA salary.


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