Monday, 14 May 2012

CNA Pay Scale

While pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant, it is important that you should have a basic knowledge the pay scale of a CNA. CNA pay scale may vary from one state to the other as well as one organization to another. There are several other factors that affect the salary of a certified nursing assistant such as experience of the candidate, location of the job, the shift that the candidate , career growth/ranking and the demand for the job. The best part of the pay scale of a CNA is that they are paid on hourly basis. Fresher or entry-level candidates are paid $10 to $12 per hour and experienced candidates are paid $15 to $17 per hour. Therefore the average CNA salary ranges from $25000 to $35000 per year. The minimum qualification for CNA job is that you should possess a CNA certification degree along with a CNA license from the Nurse Aide Registry of that state. 
As the pay scale of CNA is noticeable, therefore many individuals are moving to make their career in this profile. One of the greatest advantage of choosing CNA as a career is that it does not have the effect of recession, as it is an on-going process. This job is never ending, as it will be required till the existence of people on the earth. This is the main reason why this job is in high demand. Always keep in mind to check for the details of any job along with its pros and cons before moving to pursue the career in it. Are you interested to know about CNA pay scale ,if yes then click the link


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