Thursday, 4 October 2012

Salary for a CNA in Nursing Home Environment

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are professionals, who work under the guidance of RN (Registered Nurse). As a nurse aide, you would be responsible providing medical and emotional support to the patients, while assisting them in their daily activities. The nursing aides can work in hospitals, clinical care centers, retirement homes, home environment or any other medical setting.

The average salary of a certified nursing aide is around USD 24,000 per annum. This salary is quite less as compared to the average salary of all the other CNAs working across the United States. If you have any relevant work experience as CNA in nursing home environment, then you can expect better salary package.

While calculating the salary of nursing aide working in nursing home environment, other factors should be considered such as social security allowance, 401K/403B allowance, healthcare allowance, pension allowance, disability allowance, and paid time off. The social security allowance is around USD 1800 approximately. Disability allowance of USD 168 approximately is paid to the nursing aides. You can add around USD 1500 approximately under pension allowance. The 401K/403B allowance rounds up to USD 900 approximately.

When the salary of CNAs working in nursing home environment if calculate considering the above additional allowances, then it reaches to around USD 38000 annually.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Nursing Salaries - How much does a CNA Make?

Before pursuing any job, the most important aspect that the job seeker looks for is the salary structure, as everyone wants to get the best salary as per the current market situation. The same goes for a certified nursing assistant. The salary of a certified nursing aide is paid in hourly basis. Entry level candidates are paid USD 10 to USD 12 hourly whereas experienced candidates are paid a USD 15 to USD 17. The CNA starting salary is around USD 15,000 yearly and it goes upto a maximum of USD 42,000 yearly. Therefore the average annual pay scale of certified nursing aids ranges from USD 25,000 to USD 35,000. The CNA salary differs from one state to another.

There are various factors on which the pay scale of a certified nursing aide depends, such as:
  • Location of the job
  • Experience of the candidate
  • Education and training
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Past performances of the candidates
  • Flexibility in the job preference
  • Profitability of the organization

According to the current statistics, the highest paying state for the position of certified nursing assistant is Alaska, which offers a maximum of USD 42,000. The second highest remuneration of a certified nursing aide is offered in New York and California, with a remuneration of USD 40,000 yearly. The least paying state is Colorado, as with a salary of USD 15,000 annually.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Have CNA Salaries Increased in Last 10 years

With the rise in the career advancement of certified nursing assistant, individuals are seeking for a career as a CNA. According to the recent survey, the vacancies of a nursing assistant have arisen in a bulk. The reason is quite obvious, the salary. Another reason is that it is a recession proof job because of its ongoing process. The salary of a certified nursing assistant is one the attractive part of this jobs.

CNA certification is the sole requirement for getting a job in this field. Nursing careers have a great advancement as well, as it keeps on increasing with experiences and levels, so people are often confused about setting expectations for nursing aide salary. You need to just enroll for CNA classes and get the certification after its completion. You can become a good certified nurse aide if you possess certain qualities such as calm, dedicated, responsible and supportive. A certified nursing assistant is responsible for the overall development of the patients and care for each and every aspect of it.  According to the latest statistics, certified nursing aide salary has increased drastically. Currently, it ranges between $25000 and $35000. The increment in CNA salary mainly relies on the performance of the certified nursing assistant.

Therefore, a certified nurse aide is regarded as a best career building opportunity in the field. Make sure that you have collected all the information related to CNA and its details so that you can further proceed with your career. Remember to collect this information from the authentic website such as or any reliable source. You can also visit your nearby hospital or nursing home and can get the detailed information about CNA.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

8 Things that can Boost Your CNA Salary

Salary is the most important and attractive part of CNA jobs. Salary of a CNA may vary from one state to another depending upon several conditions. Let us have a look at some of the points that can lead to a salary increment.
8 things that can boost CNA pay scale
  1. Experience: Experience is one of the most important factors for a salary growth. More is the number of years of experience; the salary will keep on increasing on a faster pace.
  2. Education and training: It is important that you should choose the best institute in the state so that you can receive the best training. This will help in getting a job of a CNA in a much quicker and easier way, along with a good salary package.To know how much CNAs are getting , see here.
  3. Flexibility in timing: CNA salary is also affected by flexibility in the timings. Since the salary of the CNA is paid on hourly basis, so you can earn more by working for extra hours. This will not only increase the salary, but also increases the experience that would help in the future.
  4. Job responsibilities: If a certified nursing assistant holds more responsibilities, then they are paid more. For example: CNA working in ICU with critical patients who are admitted for treatment.
  5. Location of the job: The location of the job is also responsible for the CNA salary. CNA’s working in interiors areas are paid more as compared to those in the cities.
  6. Profitability of the organization: The profit and the salary go hand in hand. If the organization is making profit, then the salary increment is definite.
  7. Past performances review: When you are joining an organization, the first thing that the recruiter sees is the experience along with the roles and responsibilities that the candidate has performed in their previous organization. On the basis of it, the salary may increase.
  8. Salary variation by state: There is a different in the salary of a CNA from one state to another. But in general, the salary difference is not too much.
The above pointers will surely help to know about the reason for the increase in salary of a certified nursing assistant. CNA average salary ranges from $25000 to $35000 yearly.

Monday, 14 May 2012

CNA Pay Scale

While pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant, it is important that you should have a basic knowledge the pay scale of a CNA. CNA pay scale may vary from one state to the other as well as one organization to another. There are several other factors that affect the salary of a certified nursing assistant such as experience of the candidate, location of the job, the shift that the candidate , career growth/ranking and the demand for the job. The best part of the pay scale of a CNA is that they are paid on hourly basis. Fresher or entry-level candidates are paid $10 to $12 per hour and experienced candidates are paid $15 to $17 per hour. Therefore the average CNA salary ranges from $25000 to $35000 per year. The minimum qualification for CNA job is that you should possess a CNA certification degree along with a CNA license from the Nurse Aide Registry of that state. 
As the pay scale of CNA is noticeable, therefore many individuals are moving to make their career in this profile. One of the greatest advantage of choosing CNA as a career is that it does not have the effect of recession, as it is an on-going process. This job is never ending, as it will be required till the existence of people on the earth. This is the main reason why this job is in high demand. Always keep in mind to check for the details of any job along with its pros and cons before moving to pursue the career in it. Are you interested to know about CNA pay scale ,if yes then click the link

Monday, 9 April 2012

CNA Salary in Houston

If you are the kind of person who is genuinely interested in helping people and caring about their needs, you will find it extremely rewarding to work as a certified nursing assistant. You will have the opportunity to interact with doctors and nurses every day.

The career not only offers emotional satisfaction to the people, but also comes with attractive salary and financial benefits. Being a CNA is considered as the easiest entry point into the field of health care by the medical community.

Moreover, the medical industry is recession-proof. No matter how difficult the economy may get and where you are, you may always find employment. Also, it is possible to move from one state to another if you register at the state nursing board of the state that you want to move into.
There are many factors influencing the CNA salary. These factors include:

The amount of education and training

1) Over time or shift that one may be assigned to

2) Experience

3) Type of employer

4) Location that you are based at

The salaries of CNAs who work in hospitals and other nursing homes are actually more than those who work in private homes. The CNAs working in metropolitan cities earn a higher CNA salary than those working in rural areas.
The average salary for CNA jobs in Houston is $25000. These average salaries of CNAs can vary greatly depending on the company location, industry, experience and benefits.

Generally, you need to have a secondary school diploma or a GED to start off with your CNA training. Mandatory short courses as described by the state have to be completed before you take the certification examination. A trainee has to complete at least 75 hours of training and pass the competency evaluation examination before applying for certification.You can read my previous post to know to know about how to boost the CNA salary.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

CNA Updated Salary

The economic slowdown has affected most of the service sector, where employed service personnel are finding it difficult to maintain their current job. But, health care is one such field which is growing at a faster rate and there are huge job opportunities in this sector for CNAs and other nursing professionals with attractive salary.

Certified nursing assistants i.e. CNAs, fall under the employment category of nursing aides. Under the supervision of nursing and medical staff, they handle many aspects of patient care within a hospital which include feeding, bathing, dressing, answering calls for help, make beds and straighten up rooms occupied by patients. CNAs are also responsible for taking patient vital signs and assist medical staff with setting up equipment.

The completion of CNA training takes 3-4 weeks and obtaining certificate can offer a handsome salary. But, it is also necessary to understand that there are numerous factors, which have its direct affect on the salary of CNA. For instance, an experienced certified nurse assistant gets better pay as compared to that of fresh CNAs. In the same way, a CNA working in the nursing homes gets higher remuneration than, CNA working as home aides. Also, a certified nurse assistant in intensive care unit is paid better than nurse aides employed in lower medical areas.

Location of facility plays an important role in CNA salary. is source to know about CNA salary along with the factors affecting it. CNAs working in metropolitan cities earn higher wages due to higher standard of living in these cities. Similarly, the type and size of facility also decides the earning of nurse assistants. Certified Nurse Assistants working in different designations, position and facility have variation in their wages.

Some CNAs are reported to receive higher salaries on the basis of the additional complimentary courses such as those related to nutrition, physiology, anatomy, general clinical science courses and many more.

Hence, it is essential for a CNA to remember such given points, while they plan to join any health care center as a CNA or plan to start their career in nursing field.