Thursday, 24 May 2012

8 Things that can Boost Your CNA Salary

Salary is the most important and attractive part of CNA jobs. Salary of a CNA may vary from one state to another depending upon several conditions. Let us have a look at some of the points that can lead to a salary increment.
8 things that can boost CNA pay scale
  1. Experience: Experience is one of the most important factors for a salary growth. More is the number of years of experience; the salary will keep on increasing on a faster pace.
  2. Education and training: It is important that you should choose the best institute in the state so that you can receive the best training. This will help in getting a job of a CNA in a much quicker and easier way, along with a good salary package.To know how much CNAs are getting , see here.
  3. Flexibility in timing: CNA salary is also affected by flexibility in the timings. Since the salary of the CNA is paid on hourly basis, so you can earn more by working for extra hours. This will not only increase the salary, but also increases the experience that would help in the future.
  4. Job responsibilities: If a certified nursing assistant holds more responsibilities, then they are paid more. For example: CNA working in ICU with critical patients who are admitted for treatment.
  5. Location of the job: The location of the job is also responsible for the CNA salary. CNA’s working in interiors areas are paid more as compared to those in the cities.
  6. Profitability of the organization: The profit and the salary go hand in hand. If the organization is making profit, then the salary increment is definite.
  7. Past performances review: When you are joining an organization, the first thing that the recruiter sees is the experience along with the roles and responsibilities that the candidate has performed in their previous organization. On the basis of it, the salary may increase.
  8. Salary variation by state: There is a different in the salary of a CNA from one state to another. But in general, the salary difference is not too much.
The above pointers will surely help to know about the reason for the increase in salary of a certified nursing assistant. CNA average salary ranges from $25000 to $35000 yearly.


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